Ryan Stalder.



When Ryan Stalder was a child I dreamed... I mean he dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player and scientist. After becoming an adult and realizing that dreams really don't come true, he turned his attention to studying law.

After taking the LSAT six times and never scoring above the 50th percentile, Ryan realized his true purpose in life was to be paid substantially less than his peers. The search for a new career path began in earnest. Ryan needed to find a profession that would put his Political Science degree to work, yet paid somewhere in the vicinity of minimum wage. Serving food seemed to meet both of those criteria, but never one to settle, Ryan pushed himself to find a career that paid even less.

He found his calling in stand-up comedy and has been making audiences feel violated all over the country for many years with his provocative style of humor.  Ryan was recently selected as a feature act for The Gundo Comedy Festival, the Bird City Comedy Festival, as well as headlining shows throughout the southwestern US.  He's also the creator and producer of the Big Pine Comedy Festival in Flasgatff, AZ. 

 If for some reason you are still reading this you should seriously consider hiring him for an event, or going to see his show, or letting him use your hot tub when you’re not home because he has back problems and the hot water really helps.